Fabric Dyed Using Shaving Cream

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I had seen the beautiful cards made by Craftster member candycanechild where she got this cool marbled look by swirling food coloring into shaving cream and then using it to dye cards. So pretty!

But I had never seen anyone do this to fabric until Craftster member bnivs posted pics of the purses and wallet she made from fabric dyed with shaving cream! So interesting!

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  1. Dallas says:

    The fabric turned out great. Any idea on the washability of it?

  2. Dee says:

    When using this on fabrics are you still using food coloring? Thanks for a great idea

  3. Wow! That’s my card! Haha. I wasn’t expecting to see it on the blog (I thought my fifteen minutes of fame was all used up when that card was a featured project!). I really love the fabric idea… totally ingenious. I think it’s great that bnivs was able to build off of the idea I posted and come up with something totally original. But hey, that’s the point of Craftster, right?

  4. yardenxanthe says:

    Wow, that is stunningly cool! Fab!

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  14. Very beautiful creations. I never thought shaving creams can make beautiful cards. You ladies are so creative!

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