Everybody Poops.

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In case you’ve missed it, TheMistressT is redecorating her bathroom. She has been posting all sorts of potty related art. I took a look around the boards to see what other poopy crafts I could find, and not too surprisingly, there are plenty!

skaborsk embroidered a stinky little poop hoopla (does that make it a “poopla”?)

When TheMistressT hears “Number 2 pencil”, she takes it literally, going so far as to creating googly eyed poop pencil toppers out of pipe cleaners.
hooked on amicute crocheted a poop so large that she gave it a name. Meet “Bradley“.
This happy little poop was cross stitched by doaflip.
You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve, but DropKickGrl is wearing poop on hers! Look closely at the knit wrist warmers, and you’ll see a somewhat poopy pattern…

Click here to get more scoop on the poop.

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  1. craftylittlemonkey says:

    “Pooplah” ha ha ha!

  2. TheMistressT says:


  3. sweets4ever says:

    I very much appreciate your poop enthusiasm.

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