Epic Crafting: Five Projects That Amaze Me

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Sometimes a craft project can be completed in record time, but what happens when someone sets aside a hours, days, or even weeks to work on a single project? You know, those projects that obviously took just about forever, and are mind-blowingly awesome. Here are five labors of love that you should definitely see.

First, there’s this incredible felt typewriter, with hand dyed felt and embroidered details, created by blueblythe. The attention to detail in this piece is phenomenal. Get this: the roller actually rotates so that a piece of paper can be added with some typed words on it. Just, wow.

This beautiful display of paper cranes was created by Miss Whitney to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one. 598 cranes are displayed in a lighted case that is 5 feet tall by about 1.5 feet wide and deep. It’s truly a stunning memorial.
This looks like someone’s vacation photo, but it’s actually a fully furnished miniature pub, created by Knickertwist. There are so many charming details inside; for example, the pub tables have been carved with runes, and if you look underneath, you will even find gum left by some of the tiny careless patrons.

Here’s a great way to get rid of scrap yarn: a crocheted afghan. talli_1985 started out thinking this would be a lapghan, but it just kept on growing until it because a king sized blanket. I love all the patterns and bright colors she used.

This pixelated portrait by alphabits never ceases to amaze me. She created this likeness of her son using 3072 tiny (1 cm square!) pieces of colored paper cut from magazines. I don’t think I would have the patience. She reports that the project took her over a year to complete.

Worth all the effort? You bet! Thanks to everyone for sharing these projects that you put hours of intensive labor into.

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  1. cackle says:

    Amazing projects…all of them extraordinary in their own way….. Great picks!
    Well earned kudos for these dedicated crafters!

  2. susanab says:

    I really am way too attention deficit to do anything remotely like these–I am slackjawed.
    congrats on creating this amazements!

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