Dun Dun Dun Dun, Dun Dun, Dun Dun…Can’t Touch This!

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Awwwww…isn’t that cute!  Somebody got a sewing machine for her birthday!  Aren’t you a big girl, yes you are!

I think we can call this Girl Interrupted Couture, yes?  Want some chicken for under your bed?

Thanks Aki!


Sam and Karen hail from none other than Craftastrophe.net, where they prove on an almost daily basis that handmade isn’t always pretty.

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  1. Sara says:

    uhhhh this is kind of mean…and not even funny! Boo to regurgitated blog posts

  2. kayleigh says:

    i agree. this is just mean. the other ones were funny and lighthearted but i dont see why you would trash someones work in this kind of way. again if it was joking and funny it wouldnt have been as bad.

  3. Erin says:

    I think it’s funny, but craftster should have had more taste in choosing this… I can see how the earlier two posters were offended.

  4. missmuffcake says:

    I like craftster because it is always positive…however this is not positive at all.

  5. Leah says:

    In defense of our guest bloggers from Craftastrophe.net, I just wanted to copy and paste a bit of their mission statement to explain where they are coming from with their choices.

    “These craftastrophes aren’t necessarily bad crafts, many are well made and have taken the crafter a lot of time and energy to create; this site’s goal is to showcase those crafts that are funny, weird, strange and make us laugh. We mean no harm and can honestly say that there have been sales for some sellers on various sites due to their craft being featured on this site! We merely want to share the laughs and enjoy the talents of many. Talents which neither of us have.”

  6. trickypink says:

    Yeah, I have to agree with the first two comments. This really doesn’t feel like it’s in the spirit of Craftster at all, or the mission statement, for that matter. I guess it just comes across as mean spirited because you don’t immediately notice the reason the outfit got an mc hammer reference (at least, I didn’t); and also the suggestion that some amateur/child/beginner made this outfit (have you looked at some of the beginner projects on t-shirt surgery? This looks like profession work compared to some first efforts!) Not only that, but if you check out this etsy shop, this seller actually has some gorgeous outfits.

    I don’t know, maybe we’re being overly sensitive. But I think in the future, items that are more obviously catastrophically bad or strange would be a lot funnier. This just comes across as spiteful, and not really in the spirit of your mission statement.

  7. leopardstripes says:

    Ummmm….this is actually *not* worse than some of my first efforts… Ya sweat your design, you sew it thoroughly, and it’s so well-made that you can’t take the stitches out of the seams and reuse the fabric! Stuff like this is the reason that I now mostly rely on patterns, actually! ;o) I agree with those above, though- the MC Hammer ref is gonna go over a lot of more youthful heads…and haven’t we all made stuff that we were less than proud of…?

  8. Athena says:

    Uh… I didn’t think that was very funny. =/

  9. HRSG says:

    Actually, I chuckled when I clicked and realized it was not serious.

    Sometimes I think we take things too seriously, and have to laugh. Especially when it comes to sewing. For me I screw up more projects, but have to laugh or I would get so frustrated.

    Finding humor and sharing it in our passion keeps us grounded.

  10. I think all the comments are hilarious. Lighten up! The piece itself is well-made and Craftastrophe is known for poking fun. Have you never watched a fashion show and laughed your head off at the thought of walking down the street in something outrageous? It may be forward fashion to some, but to others, it’s comedy gold.
    I’m sure the designer herself would laugh, and she has likely gotten sales from all the traffic! All the power to her!
    Yo, sound the bell, school’s in sucka…

  11. KCMonkey says:

    I usually like to laugh at the weird things people do (I’m famous for finding the ‘freaks’ on the net,) but I found this a little mean-spirited and not at all keeping with the positive vibe on Craftster. I didn’t really like their site either.

  12. animegirlie says:

    the rest of her stuff is really good.

  13. papilionette says:

    I’ve seen people wear pants like that in our town…

    But besides that, even a nice little disclaimer can’t hide the fact that the commentary is a little mean, but overal I can understand why this was chosen. It’s a little weird (Yes, I still claim that even after seeing a lot of people wearing pants like that.) and it makes me laugh. Never the less the craftmanship is pretty incredible.

  14. Eo says:

    The site is a good idea but the two reviewers are a snore and couldn’t funny their way out of a wet paper bag which is why it probably comes across not as funny but as mean spirited. They just seem so forced and like they’re trying too hard. I was disappointed after visiting their site because I agree crafts gone wrong or strange has such potential to be hysterically funny unfortunately they just don’t make the mark and come off as mean even while admitting they have no craft skills of their own. Boo. If they ever get someone funny to write for them the site has real potential otherwise I know I won’t be going back for seconds.

  15. Beeker says:

    With some of the strange things that appear on this website: from serial killers to giant crocheted penises you all are offended by a slightly lame joke? Come on…

  16. Ashley says:

    I think it’s more so that it was discouraging that is offensive. To poke fun at someone in light of being a beginner. These are the things that cause people to be afraid to try. HOWEVER, In the fashion world it is right and law to overlook someones feelings. My point is it may hurt for someone to come down on something you’ve made with your bare hands and it may also be hard to witness but that’s fashion. Fashion is mean, it has to be. With so many people in the world, what do you expect?

  17. Peanut says:

    I’m with beeker. Seriously. We crochet penises around here and say “F*&^ you” in our needlepoint. Rule 62. Don’t take yourself too damn seriously.

  18. calluna says:

    Fully agreeing with Ashley… The posting would be fine in a “Fashion Police” kind of blog, but not in a community for hand-made crafts and non-expert tinkerers of all ages, where the creations may be bizarre or offensive (to some) but we support and don’t mock (unless the person makes the item specifically TO be laughed at). Regardless of the target, nothing rubs me the wrong way like smarmy, patronizing sarcasm! The whole thing (MC Hammer observation aside) represents humor at the expense of the beginner, the mentally ill, and the mediocre unskilled person…This kind of humor is based on the assumption that “we” aren’t “them”, which is always false, in some way at some point in our lives. It’s good to have a sense of humor about that, but this kind of humor stigmatizes anyone who can relate, anyone who longs to receive genuine praise for their non-professional accomplishments.

  19. maudie says:

    umm, actually, if you were to walk around london/brighton/pretty much anywhere in the uk that isn’t chav-tastic, you’d see a number of these. i like it.

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