Don’t Read This.

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Surely you’ve seen photos of the Grumpy Cat that are all over the internet. But have you seen some of the grumpy cats that Craftsters have made? Here are five versions of said grumpy cat for you to enjoy. Or not. Grumpy cat couldn’t care less. 

papilionette made this awesome needle-felted and embroidered hoopla as a gift for her sister.

This amigurumi cat by Cherry Massacre may be grumpy, but it can’t help also being kind of cute!
patty_o_furniture made this perler bead grumpy cat drink protector to keep her cat from sipping out of her water glass at night. He certainly looks appropriately forbidding.
Here’s a hilarious birthday cake featuring the famous cat. pottermouth decorated this cake for her son’s 14th birthday.
This ceramic cat face by artista83 is a dead ringer for the actual grumpy cat. Surely the real grumpy cat would be grudgingly proud of the likeness.

To see more grumpy cats (and tons of better-natured kitties), click on the Craftster tag “cat“. MeOW!

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  1. HSG says:

    Some days I feel like my face looks like Grumpy Cat LOL! I bet this cat is loveable.

  2. cackle says:

    Yes, I’m sure his scowl hides a heart of gold!