Design Fake Tattoos and Body Art for Your Halloween Costume

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Would a custom fake tattoo or body art on your arms or legs take your Halloween Costume to the next level? Here are four tutorials to show you a few easy techniques to get the look you want!

Fake Tattoo Tutorial How to Make a Detailed Tattoo from an Image
To our delight, mirrorandmoon recently posted this awesome tutorial for how to reproduce any image you want directly onto your skin using Microsoft Word, an InkJet printer, and Computer Crafts Inkjet Tattoo Sheets (or similar products).
Graphic design on tights tutorial How to Design Your Own Tights
swawesome walks us through how to add any images or design directly onto your tights with this helpful tutorial.
Fake Tattoo Sleeves for Halloween Tutorial How to Make Fake Tattoo Sleeves
Learn how to make a killer fake tattoo sleeve with this clever image reproduction technique using a PVC pipe, fabric markers, and tights.
How to Design Your Own Tattoo in Photoshop
This nifty tutorial shows you how to use Photoshop to design your own unique fake tattoo.

View inspiration for tattoo design here.

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  1. April Horton says:

    As a face painter I do NOT recommend putting anything on the skin but actual face paint (like snazaroo) made for the skin. This is just asking for trouble! (Allergic reactions anyone?) and FABRIC markers? Really? 🙁

  2. SoCraftyTal says:

    Hi April, thanks for the tip. The fabric markers were being used on the tights though, not directly on the skin!

  3. Jennifer says:

    I have to add in here that I grew up using fake tattoos from Cracker Jack boxes. They were certainly never made from face paint. Mostly these were made from food grade dyes and inks. I never had an allergic reaction. I did go into anaphylactic shock and nearly died from face paint. Allergic reactions happen. Most people do not know they are allergic to something until they are exposed to it. So, as an experienced severe allergic reaction sufferer, I have to say that people should read the ingredients list of anything they put on their skin. They should also read the directions to see if the product goes on the skin or on a piece of clothing. By the way, the fabric markers were used on tights that were stretched over pvc while the design was completed. They were not drawn on the actual skin of the person and the person was not wearing the tights when the design was drawn.

  4. SoCraftyTal says:

    Thanks Jennifer for sharing this information with us! You’re right, we need to be aware of the ingredients in the products we use on our skin.

  5. Angel says:

    This is what I’ve been trying to figure out 😀 I saw the tights at the store for almost four dollars and I of course thought why not DIY?

  6. Illysook says:

    I did something similar a few years back when I bought a bodystocking and went to a party as a tatooed lady. I used Crayola’s non-toxic washable markers so that I could wash it out and use it as something else another year.