Decorative AND Functional Yarn Storage

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Craftster member suki came up with this super-smart idea of wall mounting an old wooden Coca-Cola crate to store balls of yarn so you don’t have dump out your whole bag or basket everytime you need a certain one. And it looks great! (Love the paint job on the walls too!)

I suppose it would be very “Martha” to assume that you only have exactly 24 balls of yarn. The oft discussed topic of “yarn diet plans” leads me to believe that this is rare! But its a great way to at least store the yarn you need for the few projects you are actively working on.

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  1. jennybean says:

    craft supplies as art … sigh.

  2. Zesi says:

    hm. i would love wooden crates/wooden pallets, but am not sure where to get them for cheap. help?

  3. yardenxanthe says:

    That’s such a cool idea for a yarn stash.

  4. L says:

    good idea, even would be fantastic for little trinkets and vintage ornaments! 🙂

  5. maria says:

    you could also just put one ball of each of your stash yarns in there – either just as decoration or to remind yourself of what you have. for example, i think i have 10 balls of gedifra new age – if i put one ball of it in that cubby, i can see what i have and also check gauge or yardage without having to sort through bags of it

    of course, this is only for people with 24 different stash yarns & you have to find a place to stash the REST of those balls, but its still fun 🙂

  6. VoodooToaster says:

    This is really cute. But I often see coca-cola crates touted to be used in such a manner – does anyone actually ever FIND any of them? I’ve only seen them in antique stores for like $50 a pop. Sure, I’d love some to do things with, but have yet to find them.

  7. rachel says:

    so where does one obtain a coca cola crate?

  8. Kayceeann says:

    I love this idea! I am looking for a crate right now. Genius.

  9. danajill says:

    I just started on crafster and i told this woman I work with about the crate idea and she has two in her garage because her husband used to collect cocacola stuff. I am definitly going to use one but maybe she would sell the other to one of you guys!

  10. suki says:

    Hey, that’s my wall!
    The yarn in the crate is only the tip of the iceburg. I have another whole shelf full of yarn, plus a basket on the floor. Down with yarn diets!

  11. Shannon says:

    More appropriate for yarn collections like mine: these giant cardboard tubes (I think they’re used in construction to pour concrete), as cut and mounted on the wall at my friend Megan’s shop — Lettuce Knit, in Toronto. See here for a photo. I’m going to make those for my new yarn storage system!

  12. It is amazing when you realize how much yarn you accumulate! I don’t think that 24 spaces would do it for me, but I find that bins are good storage ideas.

  13. ncredhed says:

    I love the new way to store yarn balls! Now I can drag all mine out of my closet and get them organized properly. Thaaank you!

  14. Anonymous says:

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  15. Anonymous says:

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Nice work chief 😉

  17. kim says:

    this makes me want to go out and buy 24 different colors of yarn, what a bad, bad influence but a beautiful result!

  18. Rhonda says:

    I have about 50 coca cola crates. Email if interested. Thank you. Rhonda~

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