December 2nd is Bathtub Party Day!

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Crafting in the Bathtub! No lie, it really is. But as awesome Craftster people, we wouldn’t have a party without crafts, would we? And if you’re like goosezilla, you already know how to craft party in the tub! It makes perfect sense to work with something messy like clay in an easy-to-clean space, and to be honest, bathtubs are pretty comfortable, too. Click on the picture to see the adorable clay monster she was making!
Knitted Bubble Bath But let’s say you live in a place without a bathtub, just a shower. You can still participate, you just need to be a little more creative – you could knit this adorable little tub, complete with bubbles, like PrettyCranium did! There, problem solved, party on!
Kitty Bathtub Cross Stitch Is Bathtub Party day pet-friendly? I know some of you are wondering, since pets really can be part of the family and we wouldn’t want to leave them out of the fun. Well, it is, depending on your pet, of course. Some pets enjoy bathtubs more than others, and some… well, some do what Chelsea‘s cat sis to avoid actually being in the tub.
Bathroom Makeover You might be concerned that your bathroom is not festive enough for a party, I can completely understand… mine is entering the second year of renovation, I am very sad to say… one of these days it will be done! But it will not be as pretty as this bathroom makeover by BirdBones, I can tell you that. Hmmmm, maybe I need to start over… or get BirdBones to come work on mine…

Party on, dudes and dudettes!

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  1. kittykill says:

    OMG! That cat cross stitch is the best!

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