December 13th is Violin Day

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Pumpkin Virtuoso I always wanted to learn to play the violin, and this sculpture seems to be telling me, “hey, if a pumpkin head can play the violin, you can to!”. Or maybe it’s just saying that Sinjah is insanely talented and made an amazing and quirky pumpkin head playing a violin. Either way, it works.
Violin Girl ATC Even if you don’t play the violin and you don’t sculpt, you could always honor violins with a lovely ATC of a very mournful looking girl playing the one. I can almost hear the haunting melody! Demonya created this one-of-a-kind beauty!
Violin Art Okay, let’s say you don’t play the violin and you don’t sculpt and you don’t think you can paint a violin… why not create art WITH an actual violin? After making sure it’s not a priceless antique, of course. This piece by california-peg is gorgeous!
Painted Violin Mixed media art is a talent, though, and let’s say you’re not up for that, even. So no sculpting, painting, or mixed media art… Why not just scribble some lines on a violin to make it an even prettier instrument? Okay, so this hand-painted violin by Dark Desires is leaps and bounds above “scribbling”, I know, but it’s something to aspire to, yes?

I’m sure non-artist crafters can create a lot more violin-based crafts for next year (where are the knitted violins? The cross stitch?!) but for now, my non-artistic self will celebrate by kicking back and listening to some classical violin concertos while cruising the Craftster boards for more inspiring crafts!

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  1. kittykill says:

    Wow! Amazing stuff! Violin day is super cool!

  2. LimeRiot says:

    What a fun collection of projects. You can find anything on Craftster!

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