Custom Erasers — Oh The Possibilities

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OK. So I think I’m beginning to realize that I have this obsession with being able to make things that you really shouldn’t be able to make yourself. Like soap. How cool is it that you can buy melt and pour soap and make it in any shape you please? I found some old Mr. T chocolate molds last year and made Mr. T shaped soap. So wrong … yet so right.
mr. t soap

eraser clay Along these same lines here’s my latest jaw-dropping discovery. Did you know that you could make your own custom erasers? Sculpey — who makes polymer clay products — has a special susbtance which you use like polymer clay but when you’re done baking it it’s an eraser!

Here’s how they describe it:
Amazing Eraser Clay is the all new oven-bake modeling clay that becomes a real eraser after it is baked in a regular oven for ten minutes. Amazing Eraser Clay can be molded, sculpted, stamped or patterned, just like regular Sculpey clays, to create a vibrant collection of usable erasers.

I can’t help but think there are some sort of subsersive or irrevent erasers in my future…

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  1. Kel says:

    Where in the world did you find Mr. T molds?! Those would make fantastic gag gifts!

  2. wispily says:

    positron gave me neon green eraser clay for my birthday; i haven’t used it yet, but i spend a lot of time thinking about how cool it is. (she also gave me pastel dye sticks; very 80s, very nonsensical and great. this is one of the best things about having crafty buddies.)

  3. Amey says:

    ya know… i got some of that cool eraser clay last year, the erasers didn’t really erase that well. maybe I just
    over cooked it. Anyhow, maybe i’m just too picky about the quality of my erasing experience!

  4. rattfinkpink says:

    Mr. T soap rocks!

  5. geekburger says:

    ooh!! i like the eraser clay stuff. i worked so hard on making my little eraser pretty that i couldn’t bear to erase with it. so she sits on my pencil.

  6. Leah says:

    Someone asked where I got the Mr. T molds … there is a cake decorating shop near me with some really old stock. These are “chocolate lollipop” molds that I found amongst all the others they had. I also found He-Man molds! I bet checking eBay from time to time would be a good way to find some 80’s molds.

  7. alex says:

    lovee the Mr. T molds!!!

  8. dawn says:

    I gave the eraser clay to my daughter and her friends to make back to school erasers, a real “Mom of the year” moment. Will it make up for sending PB&J in her lunch for the next 10 months? hope so…

  9. sarah says:

    i worked at a craft store and someone had made up some cute little critters with the eraser clay. i tried one out and it erased surprisingly well. we only sold the sculpey eraser kit but i noticed a local art store sells the individually which is perhaps more practical for those who don’t need thousands of them

  10. Michelle says:

    Those are great! You can just lather yourself up with one of those and watch those muscles turn to plain ole fat!

  11. Jadie says:

    Wow, that eraser clay looks soo cool, yet i dont think we have that kind of stuff in UK =(

  12. wingedwallflower says:

    ahh!! i keep seeing the eraser clay in my local craft shop and am always compelled to buy it but i’m too poor. once i finish up my current eraser i’m getting it! it’s been a year already, seems like this eraser is everlasting. the mr. t soap is so fawesome!!

  13. yardenxanthe says:

    Oh dude. This is such a late comment, but Mr. T soap??? You are so rockin’ it’s wrong.

  14. Anonymous says:

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