Custom Built Peeps

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Be still my beating heart.

I was innocently searching the web just now for something related to marshmallows and stumbled across this toy called the Wham-O Marshmallow Peeps Maker!

I get so excited when I see toys for kids where you actually make something that you really shouldn’t be able to make. I mean, really, I thought the Easy Bake Oven was cool but these new toys today kick it’s arse.

And of course I noticed that it comes with it’s own molds so … with all the interesting soap and candy molds out there, think of the possibilities! I wonder if my Mr. T candy molds from 1980 would work…

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  1. evie says:

    i say you should use the mr. t molds, but only if you make them

  2. Star says:

    Before wasting some money on this I would read This. You’re probably better off making the Martha Stewart Peeps.

  3. Sweets4ever says:

    I don’t agree with that website AT ALL. I think the Peep Maker is only as good as it’s
    operator. I bought one a while back, for a CHILD, mind you… (for which is was constructed)
    as they pointed out the sizes of the measuring cup, stir stick, etc. We made beautiful
    little Peeps with it! They looked nothing like the smooshed, deformed versions these
    boys cooked up. 😉 Maybe they just aren’t the crafty genius they dream to be…

  4. Kym says:

    I have the peep machine and although the clean up wasn’t worth the final products, i love the little machine. i keep it next to my kitchen aid and cuisinart, just because it looks hilarious.

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