Cubicle Makeover

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Crafted cubicle Wow, when I worked in a cubicle, I thought I was clever by having my little fish bowl on the shelf and my homemade memo board somehow rigged to the carpet-like wall…

If you spend your day in a cube farm, this just might be the book for you. Cube Chic by Kelly Moore can inspire you to turn that drab cubicle into a mini oasis.


Tired of working in a bland, boring, office cubicle? Interior designer Kelley Moore has the solution with Cube Chic, a hip, irreverent style book with inspirational cube designs for every taste, from Tiki to Zen. With dazzling full-color photography and helpful decorating tips,you’ll learn how to create:
The Garden Cube: Rather be gardening? This cube features bright grassy greens, floral prints, and a desk covered in bright gerberas.
The Cabin Cube: Like a ski lodge at your desk, this cube features dark wood tones and creature comforts aplenty.
The CEO Cube: Get on the fast track to the executive lifestyle, and create a corner office in your own space.
And that’s just the beginning there’s also a Hip-Hop Cube, a Pub Cube, a Safari Cube, and even a Cubism Cube. With so many eye-popping design options to choose from, Cube Chic will inspire office drones of all ages!

via Neatorama

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  1. craftewoman says:

    Now I want to go make over the Hubby’s cubicle!

  2. KiwiDragons says:

    Makes me kinda wish I had my own cubicle…

  3. twobluestripes says:

    You know, there’s no reason this couldn’t be applied to a small home office. I know many of us have a tiny craft, computer, or desk space that is messily tucked into a bedroom, living room, or kitchen corner. This could make it nice to look at instead of messy, stressful, or boring!

  4. JadedJenn says:

    Awesome! My husband’s company is moving this fall and he will be moving from an office to a cube. This makes me kind of miss the job I had years ago with my own cubicle.

  5. vanity says:

    It is very important to know your wants for your cubicle. Your own design for your own cubicle. Most of the days, private cubicle is looks like funny but this one is very awesome.