Creature Feature: How to Make a Cozy Bed for Your Pet

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Bernie Pets are good at so many things. Some are experts at fetching balls, hunting bugs, playing frisbee, doing tricks, solving puzzles, or counter surfing. No matter what other skills they have, ALL pets are good at one thing: getting cozy. There’s nothing more comfortable looking than a sound-asleep puppy, cat, bunny, ferret or rat. I don’t think the coziest sleeping adult human can come close! Why not help your buddy get even more comfy by making a fun, funny, or pretty pet bed? You can customize it to suit your decor and style, as well as your pet’s size, shape, and sleeping preferences. You can see lots of great pet beds by clicking here. These are a few of our favorites!

cat bed bed fish bed
orange cat mouse bed cat daybed
papier mache puff quilt red bed
bed ferret monster bed Rob
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  1. Laura says:

    I used to collect the styrofoam peanuts from an office I worked at and mix them 50-50 with cedar chips. Then, I’d use old, but sturdy, fabric I had lying around to make dog beds for the local animal shelter. They were able to give away the beds with the dogs that got adopted out. If you make the actual bed with old sheets, then a separate cover can be made that is removable & washable. It was a great project that lasted my entire employment at that office.

  2. Pam says:

    This is just too much! Love all the beds. Maybe all the pups will get one for Christmas.

  3. batgirl says:

    Laura, that’s an awesome idea, and how kind of you to do that for the shelter animals! Thanks for sharing!

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