Creature Feature: Dog in Pajamas

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dog jammies Admit it. You squealed out loud when you saw this photo, didn’t you? You may have even grabbed someone next to you, and they squealed, too. Right? I know I did! That face. Those ears. Those….pajamas! Is there anything more ridiculously adorable than a dog in pajamas? This well dressed pooch has his Mom, alli.illektro to thank for his swanky wardrobe, and so do we. Thanks alli.illektro for sharing your awesome dog in jammies with all of us!
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  1. Pam says:

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen. This totally made my day.

  2. chickybiker says:

    Wrong. Just wrong. In every way.

  3. Amanda says:

    Awe. He’s so cute in his little outfit!

  4. chickybiker says:

    If it was a chimp you’d all be on about animal cruelty. Why is it so acceptable to do this to a dog?

    Why the double standard, people?

  5. K says:

    Is by any chance that a Chinese Crested? Mine has to wear clothes in the winter because he’s a skinny, hairless little dude and gets crazy-cold easily.

    Very cute puppy hoodie. Heck, I’d wear one in my size if I could!

  6. KiwiDragons says:

    I think a chimp in pajamas would be just as cute.

  7. doo_leroux says:

    Holy Crap chickybiker….take a chill pill.

    Cute doggie!

  8. hellosammerz says:

    people are too serious these days, nothing can be for pure joy anymore, everything offends everyone. why do you let things get to you so easily?


    this is so cute. when i get a dog i want to dress it up. and the poor dogs face is saying ‘oh god, what have i gotten myself into’ haha i love it.

  9. leaken says:

    He has the most human looking eyes I have ever seen on a dog. He is soooooooo cute! Love the pajamas!

  10. alli.illektro says:

    Ha! this is my dog! <3 his name is little david bowie and hes a chinese crested; ergo- he little body is hairless. i live in minnesota. it gets cold. he enjoys wearing his clothes in the winter. you can chill out now. 🙂

  11. LilMiMi says:

    Love him!!! Such soulful eyes! I would love to see him more often…. he’d be a real star with his own website modeling his cutsie clothes. Lil David you Rock Star you!

  12. Neet says:

    I am not a big fan of doggie clothes. but he looks so cute… and the clothes serve their intended purpose, i think it couldn’t have been better.

  13. batgirl says:

    No animals were harmed in the wearing of these pajamas. 🙂 He looks like a happy little dude! Thanks again for sharing this, alli.elektro! (I live in MN, too, and clothes are a definite necessity! Even my super-furry dog has a jacket for extra cold days!)