Creature Feature: Anglerfish!

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Knit Anglerfish So we can’t keep blogging about all the awesome things on Craftster and not showcase our animal friends! This is the first in a new feature called, well “Creature Feature.” We’ll bring you projects made for animals or about animals! Now this isn’t just dogs and cats, here. Our first featured creature is something I am both surprised and delighted to see so many of: Anglerfish!

Now, I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with anglerfish (although judging by how many have been posted it’s more than I would’ve guessed). They are not a conventionally pretty fish (ha!) but they’re incredibly interesting. The most famous of the anglerfish live in the abyss and have bioluminescent bacteria living in a “lure” attached to the top of their heads, like a worm on a fishing hook. They move the lure around to attract prey. The males sniff out a female and once they find one they fuse themselves permanently to her and become one, even sharing blood vessels. The males basically degenerate into just a pair of reproductive organs!

This feature is very exciting for me because I was very close to studying fish like these for a living! I dreamed of being a marine biologist, specializing in abyssal creatures. Well, obviously my life took a different turn, but I can always relive what could have been with this awesome anglerfish crafts.

Anglerfish Chair Anglerfish Jack o Lantern Anglerfish Hat
Anglerfish Curtain

Anglerfish Plush Anglerfish Screenprint

Don’t forget to check out the anglerfish tag for even more great projects!

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  1. batgirl says:

    I just adore the “weird creature” crafts on C-ster. These are some of the best!

  2. sweets4ever says:

    Grrrreat article!

  3. Mel says:

    These are all really cute