Crafty or Obsessed?

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Crafty or Obsessed? You decide! Either way it’s totally beautiful…

Recently the women in an old folks home in Australia called Hobart’s Strathaven Home recreated an entire 1950’s living room in knitting and crochet. Complete with a knitted window with a knitted rural outlook and a knitted Elvis record cover with a real record coming out. (I wish those were pictured!)

This reminded me of Liza Lou, an artist from LA, who for years has been creating works of art by completely covered objects in tiny little glass seed beads.

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  1. SlyBetty42 says:

    Oh my god!! Those are fabulous! Poo Poo to anyone who thinks this old lady is anything less than genius!! Reminds me of this horrible kitchy craft book I got last week. I heart horrible kitchy stuff.

  2. wow… that is amazing. I am almost speechless. I haven’t been this surprised by something since I saw marzipan rats eating a birthday cake! (If you’ve checked the featured projects recently, you’ll know what i’m talking about.)

  3. popsie says:

    Thank you for this post – I remember seeing the glass bead kitchen years ago when I was a child and thinking it was SO gorgeous. It was really cool to have another look at the pictures – they still look unreal!

  4. Tulip OHare says:

    That’s adorable!

    Reminds me of some weird Willy Wonka & the..

    Yarn factory?

  5. Charlotte says:

    that is so pretty! i love the coffe cups, maybe they could cover it with some kind of plastic, so you could actually use them.

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