Crafty Music Videos: U900

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U900 Do you want me to to show you a couple of adorable amigurumi frontmen with the cutest voices in the entire world remake 60’s rock songs on ukulele’s in Japanese? I’m going to assume you’re saying “Yes, please!!” because if not, then, well, I just don’t know you anymore. These are the most adorable crafty videos I’ve ever seen. They’ve been stuck in my head since Leah showed them to me a week ago! And even though I had a list of other crafty videos ahead of them, they got move to the front of the line.

This Japanese ukulele duo remade songs from the great instrumental rock group The Ventures. Unfortunately their CD “Ukulele Ventures” seems to be available only in Japan, so if you know anyone there, start calling in your favors now!

Not knowing Japanese, my google-fu was only able to get me so much but here is their Myspace page. Unfortunately I’ve only found those two songs and tons and tons of other blog posts also gushing over the cuteness. If you can find anything else, please share!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Exactly how adorable can you get?!?! Those are so clever!

  2. shaints says:

    They’re awesome! Thank you for sharing. 🙂 So cute and creative. The first one is my favorite.

  3. Holy COW! I am mesmerized!

  4. Ana says:

    I’ve been studying Japanese for 11 years, so I thought I’d help out and do a quick google search on my lunchhour (then back to the translation grind… sigh):

    The ukelele group is U900.
    U900 is pronounced “OO-KU-RE-RE”

    U is pronounced like spanish U, or oo
    9 (nine) has a reading of KU
    0 (zero) has a reading of RE
    0 (zero) has a reading of RE

    so U900 is “ukelele” basically. (^-^)//
    Kind of a Japanese play on words.

    The duo has nicknames:

    Rough translation from their myspace:
    U was really fascinated by the sound of [musical group] the Ventures, and wanted to become a guitarist. However, he was frustrated that guitars were too big for his body. After that, while on a journey to find himself in Hawaii, he became aware of the existence of the ukelele. Thereafter, he aspired to be a ukelele-ist. U then had a meeting of fate with an artist with a similar story at a live performance at Inoga(ka)shira park in Tokyo, 900. The two hit it off and became the ukelele duo, U900.

    The first video you post says “Walk don’t run”
    Isogaba maware is a famous saying – isogaba: if you’re going fast maware: go around
    It basically means “if you’re going fast, you should take the safer main road (which may be longer) instead of taking the quicker much more dangerous road”


  5. Ana says:

    or also kindof “if you want to arrive someplace faster, take the safer road (which may be longer) instead of taking the quicker much more dangerous road.

    Love the vids!!!
    watched them a few times already!

  6. Riechan says:

    These are lovely 😀
    To translate a bit;
    in the beginning of the first vid the bunny says something like (translated freely) Let’s hurry and get something to eat 😀 (+ something I couldn’t understand) Let’s begin!
    In the beginning of the second vid he says: Hello everyone on youtube (or st) blabla, listen please.

    they are cute! I’m going to search some more vids tomorrow. Very original way to bring your music.

  7. jungrrl says:

    Thanks so much for those translations ladies! 🙂

  8. Katie says:

    I can’t stop watching them! I love it!

  9. UkePunk says:

    The video’s are available with English Subtitles now… (not translations)… I put them on my blog

    enjoy! 🙂

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