Crafty Music Videos: Guster – One Man Wrecking Machine

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One Man Wrecking Machine Ah plushie love…. and plushie destruction. This cute video by Guster features lots of adorable characters from Monster Factory. In particular, the plight of poor “Kevin” as he comes to grips with the world around him, you know, by removing all of it’s stuffing and recreating it! If the video itself isn’t enough, you can get some behind the scenes info here:

One Man Wrecking Machine – Guster

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  1. babychel says:

    So amazing. My favorite part is when he’s sewing. Again, amazing. Love it!

  2. anna says:

    so damn cute and amazingly well done!

  3. SoCraftyTal says:

    I’ve always liked Guster’s style… this is too cute!

  4. Astica says:

    I remember seeing this video about a year ago. Loveeeeddd it then and still love it now!