Crafty Music Video: They Might Be Giants – Why is the Sun Shining?

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The Sun is a Mass of Incandescent Gas I dare you to not get this song stuck in your head! It’s sooo catchy and cute AND scientific! Pretty much perfect in my opinion. It’s actually a cover of a song from the 1960’s done by They Might Be Giants, who’ve recently started releasing albums specifically marketed toward kids, though apparently they’ve been singing this song live for many years! The lovely felt goodies are by the wonderful Hine Mizushima.

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  1. jungrrl says:

    Oh crud, I forgot to talk about my favorite part: the tiny theramin!! 😀

  2. CharlesP says:

    They’ve not only been performing it live for years, but have released it in older non-kid albums as well (their latest kid album has a new song “Why does the sun really shine” with more up-to-date accurate science). I just took my kids to see their family show a couple weeks ago and they did a song or two as their knitted-looking puppet alter-egos. There are also videos of all the songs on that new album (you can get a CD/DVD combo release), and the one for Electric Car is pretty fantastic to watch as well.

  3. love that 🙂
    but did you know that recently TMBG wrote an answer song to this because it was based on wrong info from the 50s?
    check it out!! “Why Does the Sun Really Shine? (The Sun Is a Miasma of Incandescent Plasma)” by They Might Be Giants 🙂

  4. Belladune says:

    this rocks… My son loves these videos, and sso educational!!

  5. Phoebe says:


  6. thelastkodama says:

    the tiny theramin was totally my favorite part too!

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