Crafty Baby Shower Ideas

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diaper monkey Lately it seems like everyone I know is having or adopting a baby. Lots of babies means lots of baby crafting (squeal!) and lots of baby showers! If you have been knee deep in other people’s baby plans, or are expecting your own little sprog, Craftster is here to help! We have entire boards devoted to Baby Shower Ideas and Gifts , Sewing for Children,and Toys, not to mention plenty of diaper bags, slings, and many other awesome crafts for parents and kiddoes.

Diaper cake, wreaths, and other diaper “sculptures” are very popular for showers, and there are a ton of great ideas around here, including the hilarious diaper monkey (above).

diaper cake diaper wreath sock bouquet

Announcements and favors are a key part of planning a welcome for the new baby. Again, our lovely members have provided many wonderful and creative ideas for crafting the perfect shower. Here are just a few that we love.

announcement seed packet magnets

Of course, you will want to keep your guests busy. Here are some fun alternatives to the usual shower games:

bingo onesies wishing stars

There are so many wonderful baby gift ideas that it was impossible to choose. Here are three (of hundreds!) that caught my eye. There are so many more, it’s hard to know where to begin!

shopping cart cover letters cover

For a different way to celebrate pregnancy and welcome a new baby, some families are choosing to have a “Mother Blessing” or “Blessingway” party. These are parties that honor the new Mother and/or Father with more of a spiritual focus. Activities can include belly casting, writing blessings for the parents/child on small cloth flags to make a banner, creating a bracelet or necklace with a wish from each attendee that the mother can wear to remind her of all the people who love her, candle lighting (each guest then takes home a candle to light when they are notified the baby is on its way), and washing the mother’s feet.

Showers for adoptive parents are also wonderful. If it’s an international adoption, you can include elements of the child’s country of origin. Even without the pregnancy-related activities there are still many traditional and non-traditional activities to make the shower fun for everyone. You can welcome the child to his new family and circle with a scrapbook. Have each guest bring a photo and have a blank book and lots of supplies ready. During the shower the guests can take turns making a page in the book to welcome the child, introduce themselves, and offer their blessings and good wishes.

For the REALLY crafty Mom, we now have Craftster Onesies!

There are as many kinds of showers as there are kinds of parents. By adding a crafty element to your shower you can really reflect the personality and style of the new family.

Have you had a crafty shower? Tell us all about it!

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  1. ohh, magnets are beautiful!!! perfect!!! 😉

  2. sweets4ever says:

    I love the photography project! I have it bookmarked for future inspiration.


  3. Tammy says:

    I love, love, love the diaper cow on your site. Can you share the instructions on how you made it. My niece is having a baby and I would love to make one for her shower.



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