For the Crafty and Computer Savvy

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If you are a both a computer geek and a craft junkie like me you might want to know about some of these companies that have found ways of combining the two…

The Vintage Workshop sells CDs with vintage imagery on them that you can print onto special inkjet fabric (!) and then sew onto a pillow or a purse. Or you could just use the imagery to make cards or whatever you want. They have kits for specific projects like the Clothing Collage and Chic Bag Boutique, CDs of just the imagery, and all the blank supplies you’d need. For instant gratification, there’s even an area where you can preview a collection of images, purchase them, and then download them. They also have an area of the website with lots of examples of things you can make which is always a plus.

EDPS has a huge selection of supplies for things you can craft up and customize in any style you want using your own printer. There are so many supplies it’s hard to sum it up but here are some examples: blank bottlecaps, watches, wall clocks, mousepads, coasters, snow globes… And then they have a gazillion kinds of special “paper” for your inkjet like silver metallic inkjet paper. The examples of what they show you how to make aren’t terribly inspiring but with a little ingenuity, as Craftsters are want to have, you could do some really cool things with what they have.

The Crafty PC is similar to EDPS but carries some other interesting things like blank sets of playing cards that you print your own imagery onto and kits for making custom nightlights.

Thanks Brandy!

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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks so much! This is right up my alley!!!

  2. Jim says:

    Be sure to read the copyright infringment data on the vintage workshop web page. While it is very liberal compared to others it still has some very strict guidelines for use of its products especially if you are thinking of selling items which contain their “art”.

  3. Carole says:

    Heya, I’m a crafty geek: I publish a multimedia papercrafts zine with video tutorials of my original projects and other fun/useful activities and art stuff. The first issue is getting rave reviews…check it out! I love your blog, it’s fun!

  4. Brandy says: has items devoted to computer crafters. They also have a message board, and a few months back they held a crafting contest where the winner received a $75 gift certificate to use at It was very exciting!

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