Craftster Rocked Renegade Chicago!

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Everyone in the midwest remembers last weekend. Especially those of us here in Chicagoland. Not only did we get record rainfall, but it was also Renegade Chicago weekend! And for the first time ever Craftster had it’s very own tent!

Batgirl holding down the fort.

You may be thinking, “What the heck would Craftster have to offer at a craft fair?” The answer is, plenty! We had Craftster pins and tote bags, of course, but we also wanted to do something to really get across the spirit of Craftster. So, we had lots of supplies at the ready for people to make their own crafts to take home with them! We had all the supplies on hand to make stacked button rings and “Frankenflower” hairclips! Of course, Craftsters can never be held to such strict limitations, so we saw any kind of combination that you could imagine!

Visitors selected the items they wanted (buttons, fake flowers or both!) and told us what kind of craft they wanted (hairclip, pin, or ring)
Picking out items.

And we put it together!
Batgirl and something_wierd working hard!

A very happy customer!
Happy customer!

Despite the rain, there were lots of people out Saturday! We proved quite popular at times.
Everyone loves Craftster.

Myself (jungrrl), something_wierd, and batgirl
fun times!

Batgirl and karataylor
fun times!

More happy customers
Happy customers!

Unfortunately, after surviving all that rain on Saturday, we returned Sunday morning to a broken tent. 🙁 So unfortunately, we never got to set up on Sunday. However, considering the great response we had despite record rainfall I’m hoping that we can do this again sometime! It was really great to talk to people who were already Craftsters and to people who had never heard about what we have to offer! We had such a positive response from everyone and it was really heart-warming.

I have to say a HUGE thank you to batgirl, something_wierd, karataylor, RaeRaggs, Nymphara, and photojenn for helping out! I could never have done it without them, and E6000. Can’t forget the E6000….

PS: If you have any pictures of us or of yourself with your craft, let me know!
PPS: If you were talking to us about joining our craft group, the thread we were talking about is here. 🙂

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  1. dan says:

    i don´t know english, but i try… i wanna do some bags, but i don´t know how to do it jaja… please, can you help me? if you can send me a e-mail whit some pattrens. thanks, i hope you understend me 🙂

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