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Did you know that Craftster has its own Pinterest account? If you’d like to see tons of great project images all in one place, you’ll love seeing the Craftster boards. With over well over 2,000 pins on 95 different boards, there’s definitely something for everyone. Plus, we’re adding new boards and pins just about every day. Here’s a sample of some of the boards:

Everyone loves a good party. Check out the Parties board for party themes and decorations. Here you’ll find everything, from festive banners, to invitation ideas, to amazing cakes, like the Alice in Wonderland themed cake shown here.

Dad’s special day is coming up in June. This year, make him something special. Check out the Father’s Day Craft Ideas board for some great projects, like this “Super Dad” e-reader cover. There’s also a Handmade Gifts for Men board that has even more great ideas.
Spring is finally here in many areas. On the Outdoor Crafting board, you’ll find great ideas for your landscape, like these container ponds. You’ll also find wreaths, birdhouses, plant markers, lawn chairs, garden gnomes, and more; everything to make your outdoors as colorful and unique as you are.
Ready for the heat? The Summertime Ideas board has great ideas for fun in the sun: tiki pillows, concrete pots, delicious fruit salads, cool summer clothing, and garden ideas, like this  vertical herb garden planted in a wooden pallet.
Many of our boards have no season. There’s a Tattoo Board, a Video Game Board, a board for Gift Wrapping Ideas, and over 90 more. There’s a board for just about everything! There’s even a  Harry Potter Crafts board, which, by the way, is chock-full of awesome.

If you haven’t found us yet on Pinterest, what are you waiting for? Click here. And happy Pinning!

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    Just saw this on twitter. Great summertime resource!

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