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Blythe Page by Danielle Thompson
Visit the Kitschy Digitals Shop at!

From time to time we will introduce you to other sites, companies, and people that we really love. Today we’d like to welcome you to the adorable world of Kitschy Digitals by Danielle Thompson!Kitschy Digitals is an awesome line of digital scrapbooking elements, but the designs can be used for so much more. Just like the materials used in traditional scrapbooking, the only limits are your imagination. Digital scrapbook supplies can be used in an entirely digital application, to make digital scrapbooks and other forms of digital art. They can also be printed to use in other paper and mixed media. The designers and friends of Kitschy Digitals have shared a few projects they have made, for your inspiration. Blythe Page by Danielle Thompson

Gnome Stuffy by Kirsty Neale The Blythe page above, by Danielle Thompson is the perfect definition of Kawaii, while this Gnome Stuffy by Kirstie Neale shows one of the great ways digital scrapbooking elements can be used in a non-digital project.

In order to use digital scrapbooking elements you will need a computer with at least 256 KB RAM, and a photo editing program that supports .png files & layers. The cost of these programs can range from free or very inexpensive (The Gimp, PolyView) to quite costly (Photoshop), so it’s a good idea to do some research if you don’t already have a program you like to use. If you plan to print your images, you will need a printer or a good place to print (there are services online that allow you to upload your images and order prints, as well).

Two Peas in a Bucket also has some great tutorials and information about digital scrapbooking, including some program-specific how-tos.

M&H Page by Anna Backstrom This sweetly romantic page by Anna Bäckström is lovely example of a style that could be used in a wedding album, or for invitations, thank you cards, or shower decorations.You can purchase kits designed by Kitschy Digitals to get you started in your adventures with digital scrapbooking. The images in this article are some examples of projects that can be created with these kits. They are available from the Kitschy Digitals Shop at
Here’s another gorgeous image created by Tara Anderson. I can imagine this printed and framed in a mixed media frame or shadow box, embellished with feathers, or matted in a simple frame to really make the image “pop”. It is a stunning digital or scrapbook page, too, of course. 1KD by Tara Anderson
Kitschy Digitals’ style combines fantasy elements with very realistic imagery in a way that gives it a really magical, yet physical style. It’s a very fresh, modern take on papercrafting, and allows digital collage to have the range of possibilities found in the most imaginative paper collage, but in a digital environment. Instead of recreating the same page and adding elements, it’s possible to print (or digitally copy) repeated pages to customize as you wish. It’s a new and very versatile way to work since it can be viewed on a screen and/or printed.This image by Danielle Thompson shows how digital scrapbook elements can replicate traditional ones, while creating a whole new digital aesthetic. Brynna Bird by Danielle Thompson

We love her style and the versatility of these digital elements. We hope you, too, find them inspiring!

Blythe Page by Danielle Thompson
Visit the Kitschy Digitals Shop at!

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  1. KiwiDragons says:

    When I get home from work I am going to check this page out a little bit better because I see some incredibly cute things on here!

  2. Nicole says:

    These pages are mega cute! I’m usually not into the digital scrapbooking, but these are definitely something I’m gonna look into. 🙂 Great website!

  3. buttonish says:

    i had no idea there were kits like this out there. this is amazing…thank you!

  4. pixeegrl says:

    AUGH! I didn’t need to see that! Too cute! Trying to save money!

  5. Kenneth says:


    I am looking for a Philips 6FF3FPW digital photo frame but am currently struggling to find one anywhere, or to find anywhere that has a good review. Do you know anywhere you can point me to that will provide one of these please?

    Many thanks

  6. This SUCKS! says:

    do any of u ppl knw where to get FREE PRINTABLE things that i can put in a book????!!! Thanksxoxoxo

  7. I find the best scrapbooking supplies are found around the house or at general store, such as dollar stores. Look for everyday items that you can add to your scrapbook. Around the house, the more personal an item is, the better. Items such as event programs, menus, cards, receipts, or anything else that will lend a personal touch and dress up your scrapbook are great.