Craftster Crush: Phizzychick

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Craftster Crush Phizzychick If you’ve been around Craftster for a while, you’ve most certainly bumped into Phizzychick a time or two! Not only is she our current Craftster Crush, but she’s actually a Moderator on Craftster as well. You’ll often find her active on the Swap and Paper Crafts boards. After all, she’s amazingly talented when it comes to all things paper-related.

We really appreciate all of the time and energy Phizzychick has contributed to Craftster. She’s definitely a valued member to the community. Here’s a peek at just a sampling of the projects she’s posted here:

Journal stool Inchies Journal
Wish tree Inchie clock Decorated teabag
Three trees artwork Amelie's House Christmas crackers

Here are some random crafty facts about Phizzychick!

  • She makes adorable little hairpins
  • She was featured four times on Craftster Best of 2008 and once on Craftster Best of 2007
  • She has successfully completed 76 Craftster swaps (8 of which she Organized or Co-organized!)
  • She paints beautiful portraits
  • She made a book about how to make a book
  • Flower hairpins Bob Dylan portrait Make a book

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, Phizzychick! We you.

    Do you have a Craftster Crush? Let us know with your comments here! Or, if you’re a Friend of Craftster, join in the discussion here:

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    1. rackycoo says:

      Congrats, phizz! You are definitely the first perfect Craftster crush! You’re awesome!

    2. pinkleo says:

      What beautiful, inspiring work! Phizzychick is definitely one of my craftster crush. :*

    3. HSG says:

      Phizzy is always an inspiration, and I marvel at her talent as an artist. The things she finds in ordinary pieces of paper and odd bits of leftovers, are just amazing. Phizzy is made of awesome. In fact I think she invented the word!

    4. Sarah Z / OriginalYouth says:

      I’ve had a crush on George since I first started swappin’! She rocks and I totally cherish my few pretty bits of hers that I own.

    5. Phizzychick says:

      Aw, thank you sweets4ever! Goodness only knows why I was picked first, but I’m thrilled, there are so many amazing craftster crushes out there! I have a huge list from all areas of craftster, there are some seriously talented and lovely people on here!

      This is such a wonderful idea, I can’t wait to see who is the next crush!

    6. sweets4ever says:

      Congrats, Phizzy!!

    7. craftewoman says:

      I have often seen a thumbnail of Phizzy’s work and said ooh! And then when I open it I am not surprised to see who created it. I should recognize her distinctive style by now. Congrats Phizzy. You’re an asset to Craftster.

    8. Mrs Marmalade says:

      Hi Phizzy – well done you. I keep telling you you’re good. Now maybe you will feel even more inspired to get on crafting, if you did need a reason!!!!!!!

    9. Knickertwist says:

      Hurrah for Phizzy! Well deserved 🙂 You’re a hugemungougous inspiration.

    10. karin_ says:

      Great work as always! Oh and you need to feature craftydame next, I am totally Craftster-crushing on her 😀

    11. Grace says:

      Hooray Phizzy! You have inspired me so much in my own visual journal creation.

    12. MalibuKasey says:

      Congrats!! I am TOTALLY NOT SUPRISED that you made it here!! 🙂 <3

    13. PinkPug,INK. says:

      Congrats! You definitely deserve this because every single one of your projects is amazing…I hope one day I can be as good as you!! 🙂

    14. Congrats PhizzyChick! I can’t think of a better person to feature!

    15. amaryllisroze says:

      I just ran across this…you are by far one of my most inspiring Craftster pals!

    16. Ma Rut says:

      Oh awesome! I’ve had quite a Craftster Crush on phizzy for a while now! 😀

    17. brandymccoy says:

      Phizzy’s art is amazing and beautiful.