Craftster Crush: TroubleT

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Craftster Crush TroubleT This month, our Craftster Crush is TroubleT! T is our Cooking moderator and she also helps moderate the Toys, Dolls, and Playthings board. But as you can see from all of her wonderful creations, she’s really an embroidery lover! She’s also one of the most prolific people around. Every time I turn around she’s posted another gorgeous hoop!

Tao of Pooh Embroidery Soda Top Pincushion Cancer Embroidery
Star Wars Embroidery Fall Button Tree Pac-man Hoops

Here are some random crafty facts about TroubleT!
  • She makes jelly!
  • She can fly a plane (or, you know, embroider a flying paper airplane. Tomato, tomahto.)
  • She has your heart.
  • She’s better than bad, she’s good! 😉
  • Even though she lives in the south, she can make snow…. flakes!
  • She’s so good she has to TRY to be a messy stitcher!
  • Horton Hears a Who Portal Embroidery Diptych Virgin of Guadalupe Embroidery

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, TroubleT! We you.

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    1. HRSG says:

      T is pretty wonderful. Don’t know when she sleeps though.

    2. LimeRiot says:

      What a great selection! T is amazing!!

    3. TroubleT says:


    4. TroubleT says:

      Ok, I think I’ve recovered.

      THANK YOU! 😀

      …and I do sleep.

      sometimes. 😉

    5. Kaz814 says:

      This is the best choice! TroubleT is a fabulous crafter. Can I be her when I grow up?

    6. TroubleT says:

      K- LOL!

    7. alwaysinmyroom says:

      Thanks to TroubleT, I am a jar lid pincushion machine!!

      It is my favorite extra to make and it helps me learn embroidery! I am always inspired by her cute designs and her helpful tutorials…and, she is always willing to help out a fellow mod!

      I have always had a crush on her…but I guess now, I will have to share the love with a lot more people! Love ya, T! Congrats on being a featured Craftster Crush.

    8. TheSapphireMoon says:

      WTG, TroubleT!!! I’m still very thankful for your blanket stitch (aka button hole stitch) tutorial from your blog 🙂 I blanket stitch ALL the time now thanks to you! Enjoy being crushed for the month!

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