Craftster Crush: Minouette

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rat This month’s Craftster Crush is Minouette. A frequent contributor to the More Art, Less Craft board, Minouette is a fabulously talented artist who is definitely crush-worthy. We are in awe of her amazing linoleum prints. She picks very interesting subjects, often from science, nature, history, and literature. Her style is amazingly intricate and detailed. Her work is modern, yet recalls the work of Old Masters like Albrecht Dürer. Not only are her images gorgeous, but she combines and composes them in unexpected ways that always amaze.

Check out some of her lino prints:

Lady Ada
Copernicus Darwin
zebras ox Mercator

Not only does Minouette make amazing prints, she also turns them into sumptuous home goods, and also works in other media altogether. She is not only talented but versatile. It’s easy to see why Minouette is a world-class Craftster Crush!

seahorse seahorse walrus
chair pillow table
bird squid ATCs

Thanks for sharing your amazing work with us, Minouette! You are a truly inspiring Craftster!

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  1. JenGoPop says:

    Wow, I’m going to have to check out this stuff . . . her chair is amazing!

  2. Phizzychick says:

    Definitely one of my craft crushes, every print is so beautiful! I have one of minouette’s awesome rat prints in my bedroom!

  3. minouette says:

    You craftsters have made my day! Thank you so much – I am immensely flattered. I cannot think of a lovelier thing to say to a printmaker than to compare them to Albrecht Dürer. I love craftster. 🙂

  4. Joyce says:

    Cool work, minouette!! You’re really talented!!!

  5. poppyache says:

    my favourite craftster artist! without a doubt

  6. zowiewoahie says:

    I remember that chair! So awesome. Great work!

  7. hooray! we met on craftster a few years back and I’ll always be a long time fan! you deserve every respect Minouette! 🙂

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