Craftster Crush: microjivvy

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Craftster Crush microjivvy This month, our Craftster Crush is microjivvy! Microjivvy is the queen of tiny things, frequently making projects at 1:144 scale! Her jaw dropping creations and general awesomeness make her easy to crush on!

Skeleton Bird Woman Figure Bride of Frankenstein Felt Pin Miniature Garden
Baby Godzilla Altered Tin Matchbook Sewing Kit Whimsical Paper House

Here are some random crafty facts about microjivvy!
  • I’ve heard a rumor that she is actually a teeny tiny person with teeny tiny hands. 😉
  • Her Hannah Clock project was featured by us at the CHA Summer Show in our Mixed Media Contest and she won the Judge’s Choice Award!
  • She’s been using Photoshop for 16 years!
  • Five of her projects have been Featured Projects and one was in Best of 2011!
  • The story of her Gothic Revival Brownstone Matchbox is painful but unfortunately relatable!
  • She’s a Craftster Scout! (You can read about her sash and badges if you’re a Friend of Craftster.)
  • Dia de los Muertos Shrine Miniature Fairy House Paintbrush Man

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, microjivvy! We you.

    If you’d like to add this Craftster Crush to your buddy list so you can keep up with all her awesome projects, just go to any of her threads and click on “add to buddy list” under her avatar.

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    1. MicroJivvy says:

      wowee-kazowee. This is so sweet and flattering — thank you, you made my day!

    2. rackycoo says:

      We love you, microjivvs! You are amazing.

    3. She is my current crush. LOVE her stuff! Congratulations, MicroJivvy!

    4. cackle says:

      Ms. Jivvy, you are awesome.

    5. Barbara t says:

      This is so fun, I love small pictures

    6. jillybeans says:

      YAY YAY MICROJIVVY!!!!! You totally deserve it, lady! You totally rock my world (and I crush on you on a daily basis)! Me thinks you will be needing a craftster’s crush badge for your scout sash now!

    7. BirdBones says:

      This is wonderful and absolutely deserved- you and your kindness and flabbergasting projects are a true marvel and I salute to your greatness!

    8. MicroJivvy says:

      You guys are making me blush, tear up, and giggle… all at the same time. *kisses*