Craftster Crush: mcook72677

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Craftster Crush mcook72677 This month, our Craftster Crush is mcook72677! You can often find her on the Bath & Beauty board, the sewing boards and bags board as well!

She’s been a Craftster member since 2007 and we truly appreciate her presence in the community! Her soap creations are like little works of art.

Here are some random crafty facts about mcook72677!
  • She was a Bath and Beauty Featured Member.
  • She’s completed 65 Craftster swaps!
  • Her first Craftster project were these felted totes.
  • Agnus is fabulous.
  • She made these ridiculously cute little mary janes.
  • Thanks for being a part of Craftster, mcook72677! We you.

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    1. Mandy says:

      Thanks for the love!!

    2. kittykill says:

      This makes me very happy! Such amazing and super cute stuff!

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