Craftster Crush: LimeRiot

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Craftster Crush LimeRiot LimeRiot has certainly made a splash in her not-quite-2-years on Craftster. I’m not sure you can even get around in the Swap boards without seeing her or her amazing swaps, and if you’re a Friend of Craftster, you know she’s often found in our off-topic chit chat area. But besides the fact that she’s great to “talk” to, she’s our crush this month because of her awesome and amazingly varied projects!

LimeRiot seems to be able to make amazing crafts in any number of different boards! Knitting, Crochet, Toys, Quilting… She’s a master of them all!

Stained Glass Bag Popcorn Amigurumi Matchbox Advent
Squid and Skull Hoop Sock Dinosaur Woodland Embroidery

Here are some random crafty facts about LimeRiot!

  • Her dogs (big and small) are ridiculous amounts of cute.
  • She runs one of the most epic recurring swaps in Craftster history and received a Superlative mention for it!
  • She has a really nice looking craft room!
  • She found a yeti!! Oh, and a zombie octopus.
  • She shares my (strange?) love of angler fish.
  • Really Chicken Little Amigurumi First Quilt Knit Monsters

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, LimeRiot! We you.

    Do you have a Craftster Crush? Let us know with your comments here! Or, if you’re a Friend of Craftster, join in the discussion here:

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    1. pjherbert says:

      She is my newest crush also! Way to go LimeRiot!

    2. Robinpich says:

      YAY!!! Lime Rocks! I’ve only been on Craftster a very short time and she is my hero 🙂

    3. Songs4Drowning says:

      Congrats LimeRiot! I definitely have a crush on you – I get warm fuzzies when I look at the adorable fox hoop on my wall! <3 <3 <3

    4. Kaytea4 says:

      Hehehe we loves us some LimeRiot hahahaha “We put the LimeRiot in the coconut and drink it all up”

    5. striker923 says:

      So well deserved!!! LimeRiot is my Craftster Crush too!! 😀

    6. Canamharris says:

      She’s my swap organizing guru! I love you Lime! Your flipping awesome and so deserve the crush title this month!

    7. Rieke says:

      and finally I know what yetis look like 😉 really adorable stuff!

    8. Karen says:

      I always feel honored when she comments on my posts. I love her work!

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