Craftster Crush: lanikins

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Craftster Crush lanikins Lanikins hasn’t even been a Craftster member for a year, but she’s made quite a splash! Her plush creatures are loaded with personality and her poppets are fantastic. She’s already had FIVE of her creations in Featured Projects!

Lanikins has posted some amazing and adorable creations in her short time here. I’m so excited to see what she continues to come up with!

Gizmo Loothie Cheshire Cat Plush
Sweeney Todd Poppet Rocky Horror Poppet Show Alice in Wonderland Poppet

Here are some random crafty facts about lanikins!

  • Can you even believe the Red Queen poppet (above) was her second poppet ever?!
  • Her son has the absolute COOLEST COSTUMES!
  • She previously studied fashion design and costuming.
  • She found the Chupacabra!
  • I’m jealous of her safety eye collection. Apparently she gets them all from fellow-Craftster-member-owned Suncatcher Eyes.
  • Bunny Plush Balloon Boy Doll Plush Creature

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, lanikins! We you.

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    1. Amy says:

      CONGRATS to the amazing Lanikins! She TOTALLY deserves to be a Crush of the Month!

    2. LimeRiot says:

      YAY! Lanikins is spectacular and totally deserving of this cool award.

    3. Kristina says:

      Congrats! These are probably the cutest things I have seen all month. I want a Sweeny Todd poppet!!!

    4. glamis says:

      Yay! I voted for her. She deserves it very, very much!

    5. pixieval says:

      yay for lanikins!!!

    6. i totes have a craftster crush on lani. she rocks.

    7. Artista83/ Amanda Rybarz says:

      i am a hugeeeee fan of lanikins! cant wait to see the posts! did you know there is the coolest stuff to see on her FB fanpage? so much of her awsome creations havent been on here so take a look at her stuff! and don’t forget to like!!!!!!! or in my case LOVE!!! i hope to be able to craft that good some day!

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