Craftster Crush: krissykat

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Craftster Crush krissykat Krissykat is one of those crafty ladies that just seems to be able to do anything, and do it with style. You’ll often find her active on the Felting boards, but she can also embroider, knit, crochet, spin, sew, stencil, sculpt polymer clay, and make jewelry! Phew!

We really appreciate all of the awesome crafts krissykat has contributed to Craftster. Here’s a peek at just a sampling of the projects she’s posted here:

Felted Futurama Brain Slug Yip Yip Alien Elvis Shrunken Head
Mitch O'Connell Embroidery Corset Bobbins Sideshow Embroidery

Here are some random crafty facts about krissykat!

  • She can weld!
  • She was featured twice on Craftster Best of 2007 and once on Craftster Best of 2008
  • She has a beard:
  • She has a heart:
  • She has some really kickass furniture:
  • She only started needle felting in June 2007!
  • Grey Man Skull Bracelet Two Headed Kitten

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, krissykat! We you.

    Do you have a Craftster Crush? Let us know with your comments here! Or, if you’re a Friend of Craftster, join in the discussion here:

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    1. Krissykat says:

      Aww, thanks so much! I’m very flattered to be crushed on. (“She has a beard”! ROFL!)

    2. corduroy cat says:

      i have a crush on you too! great article jungrrl!

    3. I am loving this feature! Keep them coming =)

    4. jungrrl says:

      weeping_cloud – we will! Every month! 🙂

    5. kittykill says:

      So awesome! I love krissykat!

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