Craftster Crush: Knickertwist

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Craftster Crush Knickertwist This month, our Craftster Crush is Knickertwist!

Not only does she swoon us with her unbelievable paper skills, she’s also a master of creating gorgeous shrines, repurposing items and wielding a good old-fashioned paint brush! If you’ve been lucky enough to be her partner in a Craftster Swap, you may have received an ornate chunky house, a jar of whimsies or even a crafted tarot card from her.

Here’s a peek at Knickertwist’s Craftster portfolio, but be sure to check out all of her topics for even more Knicker greatness!

Fairyland Theater House Horse inchies
Fairy Cottage Bee Wasp ATC Party window

Here are some random crafty facts about Knickertwist!
  • She’s completed 35 Craftster swaps!
  • She makes absolutely gorgeous wands.
  • She cannot watch TV without crafting at the same time.
  • She painted this portrait of her son.
  • She knows how to party!
  • She’s a professional graphic artist.
  • Halloween witch Paper Christmas tree Clothes Pegs

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, Knickertwist! We you.

    Do you have a Craftster Crush? Let us know with your comments here! Or, if you’re a Friend of Craftster, join in the discussion here:

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    1. lapoli says:

      Knickertwist is an awesome choice!

    2. Tina says:

      Her artwork is amazing. I think I have a crush now too!

    3. Knickertwist says:

      Hey look! It’s me! It’s me! Wow, thanks guys, it really, really means a boatload to me. I heart you too 🙂

    4. Clurichaun says:


    5. pex says:

      great craft design!

    6. Dana says:

      is throwing away all her craft stuff as we speak!!! I could never do that!

    7. I’ve been crushing on her ever since I joined Craftster!

    8. badpuppy says:

      I totally have a Craftser crush on her!

    9. calluna says:

      Knickertwist is eternally awesome!

    10. kitschbitch says:

      Knickertwist is fantabulous!

    11. oyhana says:

      Totally have a crush on knickertwist! She’s so whimsical!

    12. craftylittlemonkey says:

      Craftster has finally caught up with me? I’ve been crushy for the Fabulous Knickertwist for AGES! She’s so great <3.