Craftster Crush: HSG

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Craftster Crush HSG This month, our Craftster Crush is HSG! When you think of HSG, you might automatically think of all of the gorgeous mosaic creations she’s shared with us. At second glance, though, you realize that she’s a woman of many, many talents! She’s shared so many of her crafts with us here on Craftster, how could we not crush on her? She’s absolutely amazing, extremely talented and always around to offer a helping hand when it comes to any of her craft mediums. We are so grateful to have her in our community!

Mosaic Ikea lamp Mosaic scale Mosaic vase
Mosaic window Tree of life mosaic Mosaic birdhouse

Here are some random crafty facts about HSG!

  • She was in Best of Craftster 2007.
  • She was in Best of Craftster 2008 TWICE!
  • She has a dog. His name is Buddy. Buddy is also a fabulous photo assistant.
  • She’s been a member of Craftster since 2006.
  • She’s completed 10 swaps!
  • One of her favorite shows is Cash Cab.
  • She takes beautiful photographs of flowers.
  • She teaches art classes!

  • Challah Shoulder wrap Bat Mitzvah centerpieces
    Asparagus Leaves towels Skirt and shirt

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, HSG! We you.

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    1. Craftewoman says:

      I love HSG’s work. She’s an asset to the Craftster community. Someday I hope to swap with her.

    2. DoodleLou says:

      HSG’s work is absolutely stunning. Artistry in the first rate but also very well done. Neat and precise. Very inspiring.

      One of the greatest things about HSG is her easy willingness to answer any questions about her work and her process. If you wonder how something is created she is always willing to share. Whether it be the process or her material resources or her experiences. The Glass Board is lucky to have her expertise!

      Indeed a Craftster Asset! Three Cheers for HSG! Huzzah!

    3. hrsg says:

      Oh my goodness! This is so amazingly wonderful. Make my day, week and month!

      Thank you Craftster, the mods and all the members who inspire me everyday.

    4. TheMistressT says:

      I always love finding a new work by HSG! And just as has been said, she’s very generous with her knowledge plus she always acknowledges people’s responses to her projects. She’s one gracious and classy craftster!

    5. freestyle says:

      HSG’s mosaic guitar is still my favorite item ever posted on craftster. And given the amazing amount of talent on here, that’s really saying something!! I love your work HSG, and your terrific and helpful posts. You rock!