Craftster Crush: gorgaus

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Craftster Crush gorgaus Gorgaus makes stuff that is…. gorgeous. I know, I know, bad pun, but really? Have you seen her stuff? It’s out of control amazing. She’s in school for making these awesome things, so don’t feel TOO bad that you aren’t creating wearable working Blythe heads in YOUR craft room. Still, it takes more than schooling to create the things she creates. She really is a talented gal!

We really appreciate all of the awesome crafts gorgaus has contributed to Craftster. Here’s a peek at just a sampling of the projects she’s posted here:

Life Size Blythe Heads Devil from Legend Pixel Self Portrait
Yarn Painting Wasp Stencil Bee Eater Painting

Here are some random crafty facts about gorgaus!

  • She’s been a Craftster member for over 4 years.
  • She has some really cool dragonfly tattoos
  • She was in Craftster Best of 2007 AND Best of 2008.
  • She can make a venus fly trap.
  • She makes really cool masks.
  • True story. When she was in a swap I organized I couldn’t bring myself to pair up with her because I thought she was too amazing! My swap anxiety would’ve been through the roof. Good thing I was able to pair her up with the also-super-talented EmilyFlew!
  • Green Necklace Bird Notecards Red Necklace

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, gorgaus! We you.

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    1. Coleen says:

      Amazing variety of work and style. Talented indeed.

    2. Craftewoman says:

      Some people take crafting to a whole new level. Astonishing!!!!!

    3. cindyjane says:

      I have such a crafty crush on her – thankyou!!

    4. batzilla says:

      Wow, I’m just amazed at the range of types of art she makes! Really fun stuff. Also am smiling to see a Legend reference. Must now go hunt up that movie to watch again!