Craftster Crush: erica_tattoos

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Craftster Crush erica_tattoos This month, our Craftster Crush is erica_tattoos! Erica only joined Craftster less than 2 years ago but in that span she’s made quite an impression! Painting, miniatures, quilting, embroidery… she used it all to show her awesome taste and talent!

Working Class Pride Whimsy House Day of the Dead Doll Recon
Miniature Potions Cabinet Painted Horse Sculpture Filmstrip Quilt

Here are some random crafty facts about erica_tattoos!
  • Besides being talented in crafty mediums, she’s also a tattoo artist!
  • She was a Best of 2011 winner twice over
  • She painted a pretty awesome looking Holy family.
  • She gave sheepBlue her heart… well.. a heart.
  • Somehow she can even make an alien look like a pinup.
  • She recreated Inigo Montoya (You killed my father. Prepare to die.) !
  • Spaceballs Alien Mel Kadel Embroidery Princess Bride Matryoshka

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, erica_tattoos! We you.

    If you’d like to add this Craftster Crush to your buddy list so you can keep up with all her awesome projects, just go to any of her threads and click on “add to buddy list” under her avatar.

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    1. MareMare says:

      What a great pic! erica_tattoos rocks! <3

    2. lanikins says:

      that’s my GUUUUUUUUUURL…congrats darlin!!! you deserve it…SO HARD!!!

    3. pinkleo says:

      YAY!! \(^-^)/ Well deserved. erica_tattoos is AWESOME! I’m lucky enough to have that fabulous Potions Cabinet! (I know your jealous(~_^)).

    4. erica says:

      wow! hahah thanks you guys! i think sheepblue even said congrats to me ~ and it went in one ear and out the other… it wasn’t till my mom called the other day and told me i was a crush that it actually clicked… lol i feel smart. i need to visit the front page more often! =) thanks so much to everyone for all the compliments and support on all my stuff – i love the craftster community & really enjoy being a part of it!!! =)

    5. Molly says:

      Great stuff! Just a note though, the super awesome looking nesting dolls goes to a 404 error.. serious bummer…

    6. sweets4ever says:

      Thanks for letting us know, Molly! I’ve just repaired the link and it should go to her doll thread now. 🙂

    7. edel says:

      brilliant choice…she totally rocks, i even did a DOTD statue inspired by hers…

      and sheep blue’s heart…also gives me a 404 error message 🙁