Craftster Crush CrazyEyeGlass

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Craftster Crush CrazyEyeGlass This month, our Craftster Crush is CrazyEyeGlass! She keeps the glass board hopping! She’s quite prolific, making all manner of gorgeous glass goodies. Check out just a small sampling of her beautiful items below.

Hunger Games Glass Plate

Here are some random crafty facts about CrazyEyeGlass!
  • She’s recreated a classic work of art more than once!
  • She wishes she had blue hair.
  • Her glass studio is in her laundry room!
  • She can even make frog eggs looks cool!
  • She’s…. ACK! Giant Spider!
  • She has fused the stars into glass.
  • Glass Seed Bead Flower Sushi Plates Drop Vase

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, CrazyEyeGlass! We you.

    If you’d like to add this Craftster Crush to your buddy list so you can keep up with all her awesome projects, just go to any of her threads and click on “add to buddy list” under her avatar.

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