Craftster Crush: ChainCrafts

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Craftster Crush ChainCrafts This month, our Craftster Crush is ChainCrafts! He is innovative, creative and all around pretty darn awesome.

You can find him posting all sorts of projects from costumes to prosthetics! Be sure to check out his profile for more goodness! 🙂

Here are some random crafty facts about ChainCrafts!
  • He made one huge beetle.
  • He crafted with hair! Real hair! 🙂
  • He’s in the process of making a Joker costume. Can’t wait to see the completed costume!
  • He makes soda tabs look amazing!
  • Did we mention that he’s awesome? Because he’s really awesome. 🙂
  • Thanks for being a part of Craftster, ChainCrafts! We you.

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