Craftster Crush: cackle

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Craftster Crush cackle This month, our Craftster Crush is cackle!

Cackle has been a Craftster member for less than a year but already has plenty of admirers! Her amazing polymer clay creations and her willingness to share and help others have made her a much-loved member!

Whimsical Cake Haunted House Jacko Polymer Clay Pumpkin
Mother Goose's Summer Cottage Polymer Clay Mosaic

Here are some random crafty facts about cackle!
  • She has an art history degree with minors in medieval studies and studio art.
  • She can do calligraphy.
  • She really likes making houses… sometimes she even gives them legs!
  • Her polymer clay boxes are incredibly ornate!
  • She can make skeletons dance.
  • She can bake, too!
  • Freaky Flower Baubles Racky's clock

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, cackle! We you.

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    1. WTG, cackle!! Your poly clay skills rock my socks, enjoy the limelight 🙂

    2. What a fantastic, fantastic choice! I’m proud to say I’m the person who got her into Craftster in the first place. She’s so very artistic and a kind, fun person to boot. Congratulations cackle!!!

    3. cackle says:

      Wow! I feel like I won a major award! 🙂 I appreciate the recognition, folks. 🙂
      I love Craftster and want to say thank you to the uber mods for the work you do to keep it going…you ladies are the heart of this amazing wonderland.
      Thanks a bunch everybody! Off to make something…………..

    4. MarizT says:

      wow!That cake looks real? Looks so delicious…

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