Craftster Crush: bleachrainbow

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Craftster Crush bleachrainbow Craftster member bleachrainbow makes awesome things. Looking through her topics you’ll see about 30% well done, classic shirt reconstructions and about 70% costumes and clothing and various other things you’ve never dreamed up in your wildest imagination! I’m serious here, have you ever dreamed of using your dress to play skeeball? I know I haven’t!

We really appreciate all of the awesome crafts bleachrainbow has contributed to Craftster. Here’s a peek at just a sampling of the projects she’s posted here:

Heart Pouch Skeeball Dress Jellyfish Embroidered Skirt
Giant Knit Skirt Paper Horns Costume Wing Vest

Here are some random crafty facts about bleachrainbow!

  • She was in Craftster Best of 2007 once AND Best of 2008 twice!
  • She has wings.
  • She successfully crossed a narwhal and a unicorn.
  • She made a Hair Chair.
  • Three of her artistic heroes are John Galliano, John Paul Gaultier, and a schizophrenic Austrian.
  • She’s probably the only person you’ve ever seen craft an Opabinia Regalis.
  • I couldn’t fit all her awesomeness into this blog so check out all of her topics.
  • Knit Comic Book Stained Glass Silk Lamp Boy with Horns Embroidery

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, bleachrainbow! We you.

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    1. Paulette Burton says:

      Bleached Rainbow is a true artist. I’m always amazed and impressed with her creations. She really raises the bar on Craftster!

    2. Alison says:

      I recently saw some of her stuff and I’m just blown away by *how* talented she is literally my mouth was open seeing some of her creations on her blog