Craftster Crush: BananaAmbush

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BananaAmbush This month’s Craftster Crush is the terribly crush-worth BananaAmbush! She is an incredibly talented Craftster who rocks many media and rocks them hard. She is especially amazing with paper and paint, but I have a funny feeling that anything she wants to try is going to turn out amazingly.

Just how awesome is BananaAmbush, I hear you ask? Well, here’s how awesome. Check out these amazing projects she has made. A robot toothbrush bug! Pop-up ATCs! Skulls! Zombies!

robobug bird egg jacket
zombies zombie >zombie

BananaAmbush is a 20 year old art student, with talent to spare. She is amazing in 2D and 3D, in media ranging from sculpture to print and drawing to silkscreening. With an artist for a Mom and an Engineer for a Dad, she has both sides of her brain cranking on all cylinders. She comes by it naturally, her Mom is our own amazing Rackycoo!

Here’s just a little taste of what BananaAmbush can do. Check out her posts for more incredible, inspiring work. Be prepared to pick your jaw off the floor! She also has a really cool blog. Thanks, BananaAmbush, for being such an inspiring and fun member of our community!

mask teeth wings
blue red ghost

Who’s your Craftster Crush? Has someone inspired you with their creativity here on Craftster? Share the love!


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  1. JenGoPop says:

    LOVE the dragon mask!

  2. BananaAmbush says:

    Oh wow! Thank you so much, batgirl! I need to go fan myself and sit down for awhile!

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