Craftster Crush: Angry Angel

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Craftster Crush Angry Angel This month, our Craftster Crush is Angry Angel! She’s a long time member who is known, not only for her gorgeous amigurumi, but also her willingness to share her patterns! She is one of our top pattern contributors and definitely a HUGE crush.

Earth Spirit Elephants Totoro
Chinese Dragon Amigurumi Snow Monster Flying Dragon

Here are some random crafty facts about Angry Angel!
  • Angry Angel is one of Craftster’s top pattern contributors with over 30 patterns posted!
  • She crocheted a 40 million year old weasel.
  • She can even make corks and Admiral Ackbar look cute!
  • Elephant-snail? No problem. She can make that.
  • She can paint, too!
  • Narrowing this down to 9 was REALLY TOUGH. Check out all of her threads here.
  • Fuzzy Troll Tiny Rabbit Wicket the Ewok

    Thanks for being a part of Craftster, Angry Angel! We you.

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