Crafts To Tickle Your Funnybone

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I love a good laugh, and some projects on Craftster just tickle me. Here are five projects that are clever and fun. I hope they amuse you as well. 

WooWork has several posts on Craftster, each one well written and hilarious. You need to check out all his crocheted projects. In this post about Japanese, he crocheted several objects to illustrate  Japanese-to-English phrases translated in the book Japanese for All Occasions. In the photo shown here, he’s illustrated, with crochet, the translated phrase, “I bought this cheese yesterday but it’s so old that we can’t eat it.”

jillybeans’ sister requested some sort of marker so everyone could identify their own beer bottle at a party.  Somehow, jillybeans came up with this idea to make multi-colored beer mustaches. Don’t they all look important? It’s almost as if they are each in disguise.
Balatong has a great idea to help with any anger management issues one might have. This crocheted symbol for “no”, slips on your ring finger, preventing your middle finger from standing up alone and offending others.
WildeHeart2105 found an important executive coloring page online, and recognized immediately that it needed to be immortalized in embroidery. Just what color would you use to color “important” underwear?
LimeRiot created this sweet looking little cupcake as a diet aid. It looks so innocent, but carries the dire reminder “I make butts big”. Ha!

There are many clever and amusing crafts to be found on Craftster. Check out the tag “humor“, and brighten up your day!

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  1. Kjlutz says:

    Such a great spot for a dreary sick day, thanks.

  2. Allison says:

    I second that. *sniffle* 🙂

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