Crafts for Pets

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pi-rat Craftster pets come in all shapes, sizes, and species, but one thing they have in common is that they are loved. Being Craftsters, we like to show our love by making awesome crafts for our loved ones, and our pets are no exception. We’ve combed the Pet Boards for the coolest, craziest, most awesome pet crafts we could find to share with you.

As the caretaker of two slightly curmudgeonly cats and a very spirited puppy, I have been giving a lot of thought to pet crafts lately. Here are some of the awesome projects our members have made for these two most popular of species.

fish bed cat house fish bed
dog walking bag holder dog pack clicker

Many people think of dogs and cats first when it comes to pets. They may have the largest numbers, but when you look around the pet boards you will find mammals of all sorts, from horses to kittens, as well as reptiles, rodents, birds, fish, amphibians, even marsupials! It’s fun to browse the boards just to see the sheer variety of critters we care for and befriend.

scratch pole cat condo cat toys
robot house dog back pack cheese bed

Craftster companion animals are not limited to dogs and cats. Plenty of small animals are receiving crafty love, from rats, to hedgehogs, to sugar gliders, and more. Each species has its own needs and preferences, and clever Craftsters have found ingenious ways to make projects that give their little friends the happy life and well-appointed living space they deserve.

bee hive guinea pig bed bunny tent chinchilla house
ferret monster bed ferret tent ferret monster hammock
rat condo rat hammock flower sugar glider

Here are some great projects for a horse and a gecko, as well as a lovely “crabitat”, proving that no animal is too large or too small to craft for. The horse reflector could be downscaled to use for night time dog walking safety, in addition to horse riding. Many of the projects here can be modified for use with other types of pets. Use the boards to inspire you to create new and different ideas!

horse reflector gecko house crabitat

In the last few years chickens have become increasingly popular pets. Even in the city, many people keep a small chicken coop for eggs and for pleasure. Check your city ordinances, as they are not permitted in all areas. Even chickens are getting in on the crafty action, as these awesome projects demonstrate!

chicken hat chicken condo chicken chapel

Do you love to craft for your pet? Show us what you’ve made!

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  1. KiwiDragons says:

    I love pet crafts. I don’t often craft for my pets, and I’m not sure why. Pets appreciate everything we do for them. What a great article.

  2. CrittyLu says:

    I love pet crafting! I just volunteered myself and some friends to make simple beds for the animals at the local shelters.

  3. nezumi_chan says:

    I make my puppy toys regularly. She can destroy store bought plush toys in just a couple hours. I make the casing out of old sheets and clothes in shapes like hearts and bones. I feel the casings with old cut up socks and t-shirts. They last a few weeks or more and I don’t have to worry about her swallowing all that stuffing they put in plushies you buy at the pet store.

  4. nezumi_chan says:

    *fill not feel. sorry.

  5. batgirl says:

    That’s a great tip, Nezumi_chan! And Crittylu, I love, love, love that you are doing that! Thank you! Thanks for the nice compliment, Kiwi! I’m glad you enjoyed the article!

  6. I make my dogs collars all the time! I recently just decided to try to sell them to the world instead of just letting my dogs enjoy the benefits.

  7. Sarah Byrum says:

    Check out my blog…I just made the girliest little dog harness, ruffle skirt and all. Oh and what a great model. I love pampering this pooch and she loves to look pretty. She just poses and struts her stuff around the house in this.

  8. petbey says:

    I make crafts for my pets regularly.Great article

  9. katie says:

    I love to make costumes i am only 11 so, i just made one out of and old top for my frog and i entered her in a costume contest and she came 1st place!!!!!!!!!

  10. Pet hammocks are so cute, I am thinking about buying a mouse just so I can buy a mouse hammock.

  11. You need to craft far more! This kind of posting was so comprehensive and precise. I really liked looking at your posting. Thanks!

  12. reba says:

    I have made my dog a toy by cutting 2 holes (that connect) and tying a small rope in it its great for tug of war and I’ve made her a bed by getting 2 large peices of fabric and sewing it and stuffing it with old clothes just make sure u don’t cut them to small I’m working on him a stuffed bone toy by the way charlie that’s my dog waz on my lap when I posted this she is a basset hound and dodson mix I think I love him and I want him to be happy and safe so be careful on what u make! Happy crafting!

  13. Sarah says:

    Too cute! I recently found a video of pets in costumes, it’s so funny to see how they act!

  14. Jackie says:

    Its amazing ! I love this website,Its giving me great ideas for my pets 🙂

  15. Christine says:

    I LOVE the ferret fish bed. But I’m so not crafty! Can someone make it for me and I’ll pay them?! haha