Crafting The Beatles

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canvas With the huge success of recent releases like the movie “Across the Universe”, Rockband game, and new remastered box set, it’s clear the Beatles really are immortal. No other band in history has inspired such intense loyalty across three generations of fans. Maybe it’s because their iconic images and sound are such a part of pop culture that nothing that came after them could have existed if the Beatles hadn’t existed first. Maybe it’s because they were so innovative that they still sound fresh today. Whatever it is, the Beatles were a force of nature and they are still huge today.

pillows scrambled eggs afghan

Craftsters are often inspired by music. Sometimes a favorite band or song provides the imagery that inspires a craft project. Other times just listening to music releases creativity and may not directly provide the theme, but just loosens up the creative “juices” and helps to let the ideas flow. Either way, music and crafting often go hand in hand. Clearly, many of us turn to the Beatles to help with our crafty inspiration. Is it any wonder? With their wide explorations in music, and dabbling in other art forms: poetry, visual art, and film, not to mention their expressive fashion sense, they were consummate creators!

Lucy quilt shoes

Do you love the Beatles? Have they influenced your crafting in any way? Whether you were one of the original girls screaming herself hoarse at a concert, or you’ve just discovered their classic awesomeness while playing Rockband with your BFF, we’d love to hear about your Beatles and crafting connection!

car tote cross stitch

Don’t forget to check out the Beatles tag on Craftster too for more Beatles-themed projects!

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  1. Dollfaedarlin says:

    This was such a great idea for a blog topic. I love, love, love the Beatles. Believe me I will be trying out some of these projects for myself 😀 Thanks!

  2. Ambri says:

    I love the Beatles. They have been my favorite band for a long time, as well as inspiration for a few art/ craft works, including a mosaic-in-progres of Lucy in the Sky. . . I will have to post it on here when I finish it!

  3. Saul Mangina says:

    Beatles is my life!