Crafting Entertainment: Twilight

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Craftsters are notorious for creating crafts in honor of their favorite media be it movies, video games, tv shows, or even internet phenomena. Whenever we can’t find exactly what we want, we make it! And even though there is usually a LOT of stuff already being marketed for these things, we know we can make something even better, something just right! Far from the typical t-shirts emblazoned with a title, Craftsters take it that extra step. This will be the first in a series of blog articles so be sure to check out all of the wonderful stuff inspired by our favorite things!

Twilight-mania has hit everywhere and Craftster is no exception! The teenage vampire love story has a huge following and has inspired TONS of projects and five organized craft swaps!!

I heart AC

There was a chance to show off your opening night duds in the “What are YOU going to wear to ‘Twilight’?” thread. I really liked Kymbot‘s baseball jerseys, but Iggy.boy made a great looking iron-on stencil to support his favorite character, Alice.

Malzie89‘s first post was of her Twilight skirt! I love her fabric choice!

Guadalupe Poppet

bellalupina has made lots of twilight inspired crafts, including her Twilight inspired poppet!. She was really thorough! Even creating a back-story for the character!

FHS Hoodie

GothChics made an amazing Twilight inspired hoodie for her daughter. I would’ve thought it was just any high school’s hoodie!

Bella Bracelet

Bella Key Necklace

There are some really wonderful jewelry pieces such as the Twilight / Bella Swan inspired bracelet by o0IrishEyes0o and the Twilight Key Necklace by charmingflaws. Again, these aren’t so obvious to someone like me who doesn’t have any real knowledge of Twilight, but I can still definitely appreciate them!

Bella's Mittens
There are many, many great versions of Bella’s mittens, but this pair by subliminalrabbit has a link to the pattern so you can make your own! I really love these mittens. They’re making me reconsider my glove-only attitude!

If you’re a Friend of Craftster, make sure you check out the Twilight tag for more great threads!

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  1. Koola says:

    Gorgeous Twilight crafts. Inspired by Craftster, I’m making my own Bella Bracelet right now 🙂

  2. Kaelyn says:

    I am a twilight fan also, and all those crafts are lovely. To think i didn’t know about most of these, well i shall start on some Bella mittens right now =]

  3. KiwiDragons says:

    Being that I am a Twilight freak myself, I can definitely appreciate these crafts and I am on way to check out some of the different projects mentioned.

  4. lauren says:

    wow! i am SO making that bracelet.

  5. amanda says:

    i will buy mittens from you if your selling

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  7. Janice Yu says:

    Twlight is really a great movie and i watched it several times. I love Kristen Stewart and also the rest of the cast of Twilight, they are really superb.