Crafting Entertainment: Super Mario Brothers and Nintendo

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Next in our blog series “Crafting Entertainment” is the one that sometimes seems to have started it all. I don’t think there has ever been a time when you couldn’t come to Craftster and see loads of truly fantastic crafts based off of 8-bit Nintendo and especially off of Super Mario Brothers! I’m a huge fan of the old Mario Brothers (mostly because it’s one of the very few video games I can play! shh! I was sheltered!) and seeing all the crazy incarnations our members have created is fascinating. The pixelation lends itself so well to soooo many crafts! Cross-stitch, knitting, quilting, perler bead crafts, the list goes on and on.

First of all, if your mom gave away your old Nintendo or you got rid of it in a fit of “I’m too cool for this”, never fear! If you’re like blueblythe, you can just make your own! Something to tide you over until you find a working system on craigslist.

Or, say you have an old system that, sadly, has bitten the dust. Don’t throw it out! Do what Eliea did and turn it into a working lamp!

Can’t bear to do that to something so beloved? Why not make a pirahna plant lamp with paper mache and will power!

Love pirahna plants but want to show it in another area of the house? Why not try the pirahna plant TP cozy! I can honestly say I’ve never seen a cooler way to hide toilet paper.

If you have a hard time choosing favorites to display you could create a set of perler bead coasters like artoo1121 did.

If you want to decorate your place with even more Mario love you can follow in GIANT mural on your wall!

Now I don’t really knit, so I could be out on a limb here but these are some of the coolest knit things I’ve ever seen! At first they look sort of traditional, and them BOOM there’s a fire flower on full display! Leahseraph, you really did a great job on those fingerless gloves!

Some of my favorite Mario creations have to be the quilts. Generally they’re made of nothing but solid colored fabric and thread. The fact that those simple supplies can be changed into these awesome displays of Mario goodness is just amazing! Iddosteveperry says that the quilt shown above is her first! That’s a fabulous first time quilt if I’ve ever seen one.

Manicmaiden made this quilt to give to a friend for their new baby. I love the fact that she changed up the typical Mario Brothers colors and in turn changed the whole feel of the quilt!

I can’t complete this entry without showing off an amazing feat of skill and patience. Cross Stitch Ninja‘s complete cross stitch of the Super Mario Brothers 3 map. With hours upon hours and about 50,000 stitches THAT is dedication!

If you’re a Friend of Craftster, make sure you check out the Nintendo and Super Mario tags for more great threads!

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  1. This is amazing stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  2. SHES.CRAFTY says:

    I love the Mario Quilts! I want to try to make one of my own.

  3. KiwiDragons says:

    I love just about anything that has to do with Nintendo! This is an awesome article.

  4. muguet says:

    That cross stitch looks just like the screen!!!

  5. seseentee says:

    yo, great name for site)))

  6. […] I found a Craftster blog with more Super Mario art. There’s so much SMB craft! I especially love the piranha lamp. […]

  7. djsemira says:

    everybody in this post has great talent…doesn’t mean i’d go out and do what they did, especially can’t stand the whole video game addiction thingy…was glad when nintendo bit the dust…

  8. mario says:

    I want that blue mushroom blanket.

  9. Leah says:

    Mario rocks!

  10. I love mario good pictures. thanks..

  11. biga says:

    Lovely mario pictures and desings. I liked them

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