CrafTATstic Crafty Tattoos – violentjayne’s Sewing Sleeve

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Sewing Tattoo Sleeve One of our most prolific members also has one awesome crafty sleeve! Violentjayne‘s left arm is dedicated to her love of sewing. Her sleeve features a pincushion, scissors, a seam ripper, a dress form, measuring tape, and more! Here are a few small pics but there are much bigger photos here.

Sewing Sleeve Sewing Sleeve Sewing Sleeve
Sewing Sleeve

Have a crafty tat? Share it here and you might be featured!

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  1. Ruth Crean says:

    Oh that’s really cool. I seem to be having a luddite moment and i can’t figure out how to post my picture on the link above, so I’ll just leave a link here instead to my own crafty tattoo, it’s on my right shoulder. When I save up enough money I’m gonna to get a matching one of pencils on my left shoulder.

  2. That’s awesome! I’ve seen some fun crafty tattoos before, but I love the vibrant colors of this one!

  3. Violentjayne says:

    lol ive Been Rocovering from surgery and havent been at My pc or on crafstster much in the last few weeks .. I had the energy and theurge to stop in today and I am so excited to see My Tattoos featured here ! Tahnks ! .. I plan on getting a few more Sewing themed Tattoos in the future 🙂

  4. Jamie says:

    OMG I love violentjayne and all her clothes!!!
    I’m so happy to see her featured here. When I first joined craftster and started sewing she was so awesome and helped me with my many questions about sewing my first corset. She’s always got a special place in my crafty heart!

  5. midgetflynn says:

    I’ve been part of Craftster for years, as a lurker really as I’m not a very skilled craftsperson but I’ve ALWAYS loved looking at your creations Violentjayne! They pop out from memory as being some of the first projects I looked at on here, such as the dress you made from an old tux t shirt. You’re so creative and an inspiration in so many ways. Sorry if this is coming out sounding a bit creepy, it’s not really!

    Love your tattoos, so vibrant!

  6. Sarah says:

    I have always loved looking at your tattoos almost as much as I like looking at your sewing projects. You have always been inspirtational. It makes me look forward to seeing your new creation!

  7. Violentjayne says:

    thank you guys sooo much I am so happy to have inspired you guys , I love crafstser so much and have missed it alot this past month of healing .. but I will be back infact I have made a few new items during my recovery but I am still a lil to swollen to dress up and post them .. I will poobably overload the boards the first few days Im able to post lol

    thanks again 🙂

  8. habitat-lady says:

    Fabulous tats!! You have three huge fans at my house for your awesome skills and tats. (My 11 year old thinks you need a TV show.) Hope you’re healing well, can’t wait to see what you post up next.

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