Craft Sanctuary: Craft Room with Pegboard Organizers

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fabric stash Welcome to Craft Sanctuary, our new monthly feature. Each month we will feature a clever organization tip or a beautifully organized craft room that our members have shared with us (or that we have discovered somewhere else). This month’s Craft Sanctuary is the craft room of SkyyAngel. She has done a beautiful job of creating a space that is bright and cheerful, and also very organized and efficient. Her use of brightly painted pegboards keeps tools and supplies in easy reach but uncluttered, and look with envy at her organized fabric stash! It definitely makes me want to give those messy tubs in my basement the heave-ho!

pegs sewing corner pegs

Thanks to SkyyAngel for sharing her happy place! If you have a great organizing tip or have seen a great craft room (there are lots!) let us know and we will consider it for a future Craft Sanctuary!

pegs pegs pegs
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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love this! I need my craftroom redone now!!

  2. JenGoPop says:

    Man, that’s nice! I like how you weren’t afraid to use color. I totally need to redo my craft area now!

  3. KiwiDragons says:

    Wow! I’m jealous. I would love a craft room that looks even half that awesome.

  4. craftyaggie says:

    I absolutely love this room! It motivates me to get mine done.

  5. ncdonnanc says:

    Absolutely Fantastic! I need to get moving on mine…Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

  6. flying_babyb says:

    Very jelious! you must not have kids! I have too many youngins underfoot to ever try a peg board style.

  7. retroaddict86 says:

    i wish i had a room to organize like that!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Inspirational. I am envious; I don’t know if I am capable of being that organized!

  9. mlheran says:

    I love the organization, but I love the COLOR even more -FANTASTIC!! 😀

  10. Rhyah says:

    Ok, I have craft space envy now! I just re-did my space and it doesn’t even compare! Very nice!

  11. ONE HAPPY MOMMA says:

    How wonderfully done; thanks for the inspiration!

  12. LornaDoones says:

    Love this!!! I need a craft room and cant wait to get a house so that hopfully I can have a craft room and not have all my stuff in the living room.

  13. Katrina says:

    I’m inspired… time to start redecorating my craft space!

  14. Martha Aleo says:

    Such a relaxing uncluttered look. Something I will never achieve, but it’s nice to look at.
    I love the color scheme too.

  15. mommasunflower says:


  16. ERASIS says:

    You totally ROCK! If you haven’t already you should consider going into buisness giving advice on organizing and making good use of space for your needs. I’m a fan!

  17. firebrand says:

    WOW! Fan-TASTIC!! I really like the paintbushes as decor, too.
    The only downside of this (for the easily distracted, like me, that is) is that in order to keep it looking this great and ready-to-use, you DO have to actually put things AWAY in all those great proper places, lol!! I feel like I need a place to have 5 projects out and working all the time, but without it feeling cluttered. And by the time I accomplish THAT pigs will fly. NICE ROOM, SKYYANGEL!!

  18. JenZnewlife says:

    WOW! Thanks for the great ideas.

  19. Karen says:

    I love this and would like to try this for my craft room.

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