Craft Challenge #6 Winner

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Just wanted to post and say congrats to ClassyLassy for winning Craft Challenge #6 – El Cheapo Collage!

Her collage is entitled city monster devouring flowers and she says:

basically i found an ENORMOUS stack of national geographic at school..butchered them with a heavy heart and created this…. it’s based on a comic i once saw which impacted me a lot, if you can’t tell.. anyway if you can’t tell it’s a city turning into a monster that is eating the flowers..i find both the city and nature beautiful so it kinda represents natural beauty being consumed by artificial beauty.

Here’s her entry in it’s entirety:

The prize for this challenge was generously donated by Nicole of the super-cool rubberstamp company Asta Arts. Thanks Nicole!

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  1. Michael says:

    Your collage/painting is really beautiful! Wow, I’m most impressed. Great job!

  2. Phil says:

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